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The facility houses state of the art and legacy equipment including four confocal microscopes, 3D Palm super-resolution, an environmental SEM, a complete set of tissue sectioning instruments, a gene gun, a fluidics robot, fluorescence microscopes, a luminescence dark box, a macro imager and 3D image analysis software. All training is free of charge. All resources can be booked online by the hour, with expert assistance available at no extra charge during business hours. 


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H2S reaction, holding nose
Deadliest period in Earth’s history was also the stinkiest
Tiny microbes belching toxic gas helped cause — and prolong — the biggest mass extinction in Earth’s history, a new UC Riverside-led study suggests.
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How diet influences taste sensitivity and preference
What you eat influences your taste for what you might want to eat next. So claims a University of California, Riverside, study performed on fruit flies. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, offers a better understanding of neurophysiological plasticity of the taste system in flies.
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ant in hand
Queen’s genes determine sex of entire ant colonies
UC Riverside researchers have discovered the genetic basis for a quirk of the animal kingdom — how ant queens produce broods that are entirely male or female.
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lady feet on scale
Keto diet may not work for women
Scientists from UC Riverside are studying how the popular keto and intermittent fasting diets work on a molecular level, and whether both sexes benefit from them equally.
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